What does the museum participate in: exhibition or investigation?

Ms Landress said in an interview that she had suggested converting the show to virtual programming but it was rejected, an assertion Ms Carvajal denied. Then some of the $ 120,000 grant money from the Knight Foundation, with the foundation’s blessing, was used to create a different online experience, “I Remember Miami,” where people share memories of the city.

“We want to create content that is meaningful, creates unity, and reminds us all of the beautiful moments in our city,” said Ms. Croujeras, at an online arts discussion in Miami. She described the forensic exhibition to viewers as “sophisticated and beautiful,” but said it contains “very complex elements” that make it difficult to present it online during a pandemic.

Ms Landers said that as disagreements over the forensic exhibit deepened, Ms Carvajal had falsely accused her of acting without authorization and of having exceeded the “True to Scale” budget. Then Ms Landress said Ms Croujiras told her in May that she had taken leave with pay and that her contract, which expired in June 2020, would not be renewed.

College and museum officials said they could not discuss the rationale for not renewing the contract, describing it as a staff issue.

In an email to The Times, Ms Landress said she believes the effort to “balance” the forensic fair is aimed at appeasing some of the college’s more conservative trustees. But one of the regents, Marcel Felipe, appointed to Republican Governor Ron Desantes, said he was not aware of the offer.

He said, “I don’t think it was discussed at all” by the council.

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Now in New York, Ms. Landers said the museum had failed to fulfill its ideals and the commitment it made to the collection it was displaying.

“They removed any possibility that we would actually get close to the Homestead reality,” she said. “This is political censorship and it is also a form of technical censorship.”

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