Twisted Sister Star’s hidden connection to Celine Dion Christmas Hit

Twisted Sister has a long history on The world of rock music, And it skyrocketed during an era when MTV videos began to dominate televisions across the country. Dee Snider topped the band famous with makeup, poetry, and a loud anthem, “We Won’t Take It.”

The group even created a video called Zombie that was banned from MTV. Find out what your fans know about Heavy metal bandAnd, – and Snyder – it might seem a bit unthinkable for their leader to be in charge of someone Celine Dion’s biggest Christmas Songs.

Twisted Sister de Snyder at the premiere of ‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’ | David Livingston / Getty Images

Part of Twisted Sister’s History includes the Christmas album

After ten years of her grind and some splits, Twisted Sister broke up during the early 1980s. Snyder established himself as a great songwriter and became the face of the band.

The group has sold millions of records but has acknowledged that internal problems have had repercussions. They broke up again and reunited sometime in the early 2000s, went on tour and made music.

By 2006, Twisted Sister had fallen Twisted Christmas, An album of 11 tracks that showed their unique style in classics such as “Silver Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

They even released music videos and went on a short tour during the festive season to shut down what their running as a band was supposed to be.

But before they were inspired to do their favorite rock version of Christmas, Snyder penned a song that ended up being covered for another pop star.

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De Snyder wrote a song for Celine Dion

Back in 2014, Snider appeared on Talk is Jericho A podcast discussing his career, showing it on Broadway, at which time he wrote a piece later sung by Celine Dion.

to me Absolute classic rockSnyder said he initially wrote it for his wife, who specifically requested the Christmas song. It took some nudge, but he did. The Dilemma? He said it was out of his job, so he hired some singers to record it as a gift and originally called it “God bless us all.”

One of the engineers who worked on it – Ric Wake – also worked with Dion. Two years later, he called Snyder and said that Dion wanted to cover the pitch, and Snyder said, “Do you know who wrote it?”

After learning that Dion did not know her origins, he told the producer, “Don’t tell Satan wrote her a Christmas song!”

They kept this information secret, and the song was recorded under the title “Christmas Magic”. Snyder didn’t care if she changed the title and was directed to wake up to put it on the album. It turned out to be a wise move.

How Snyder takes credit for the song for his help

Snyder told the podcast host that the project sold eight million copies to Dion and the song was also included in Rosie O’Donnell’s Christmas album. Because of his success, he said, they call his house “the house that Saint Celine built.”

Additionally, Snyder joked that she heard that the writer was behind the hit years later and was “very, very confused”. Dion allegedly asked, “The one with the makeup? Of the bone?” He is grateful for the way things went because it was one song he wrote and he didn’t mean to publish it at all.

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