Saints’ Alvin Kamara is delighted to help fantasy directors at the New Orleans Charity

METAIRIE, Los Angeles – The historic Christmas Day parade from New Orleans Saints is back Alvin Camara It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Six NFL touchdowns from Camara came just in time for fantasy football managers who were using it in their squads for Tournament Week. Many of these fictional grateful directors in turn have made donations in honor of Camara to the charity he supports.

Son of a Saint, an organization that guides children who have lost their parents to death or imprisonment, said it has so far received $ 21,000 from nearly 400 donors.

“We are especially grateful to Alvin for choosing Son of Saint as his favorite charity,” said founder Bevian “Sonny” Lee III, son of the late Defense of Saints Bevian Lee. “As an organization, we are 10 years old during the midnight strike, and that makes generosity more meaningful as we start 2021.

“As we progress to 200 Boys Registered, generous donations like these allow us to be more influential and fulfill our mission. I would like to thank Alvin Camara and all those who have donated so far.”

Camara had a total of 56.2 in the ESPN PPR leagues (points per reception), the fourth-largest number of any player in a game in the past 20 seasons. He joked that he was well aware of when Fantasy directors were unhappy with his performance, so he had fun seeing that response.

“People, they’re going strong about this fantasy football year-round … I don’t even want to echo some of the things they sent out and tweet, things like that. But it’s good to see people keep their word and are willing to donate.” “I don’t know how much to play fantasy football for it; I never played it. … but it would be a good organization. I’m lucky to be able to help Son of a Saint at the same time.”

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Camara, who was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the first time in his career – among other accolades – said last week that he didn’t spend much time thinking about his performance.

“I was lucky to be able to do this in a city I love with a team I love. It’s amazing,” he said. “But I’m being totally honest – I’m always just looking forward to what’s next, and what more can I do. That’s what I’m looking for. … as a team, I think we’ve gotten more to accomplish.

“I don’t want to underestimate it and make it sound like it wasn’t an amazing feat, because it was. I was happier just sharing it with everyone, like draw [Brees] Excited and Shawn [Payton] Excited and all these men are excited. “

The Saints (11-4) clinched their fourth consecutive NFC South title with a 52-33 win over the Minnesota Vikings at Week 16. They still have an outside chance at the NFC top seed if they win the final at Carolina Panthers – – but they’ll need all of Chicago Bears to defeat the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks to defeat the San Francisco 49ers. He would win the No. 1 Saints in a three-way tie with the Packers and Seahawks due to a better conference record.

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