Redesign the Burger King logo and its flags with the massive

  • Burger King released a comprehensive rebranding, including a new logo.
  • The logo signals to embrace a more classic look, with an emphasis on massive.
  • Burger King invests in app and technology to compete with other fast food competitors.
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Burger King on Wednesday announced its first sweeping change of branding in more than 20 years, including a return to the classic logo and an emphasis on formidable.

Insider saw the first interior of the restaurant in this new design through a virtual tour of Miami. The new look will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the series, although customers may not see it for a while as Burger King plans a long-term integration over the next few years.

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Burger King told Insider that it has made a “huge investment” in its mobile app over the past year, with the design going to be visible first. Like McDonald’s, Chipotle and other fast food chains, Burger King has spent the year 2020 improving the app and driving experience through cars as more orders come digitally due to the pandemic.

Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger King, installs a high-tech payment service at 10,000 Burger Kings, Tim Horton’s, and eventually Popeyes. The New engine through It will have digital displays with predictive arrangement and dual lanes for driving wherever possible.

This is what a Burger King will look like in the future.

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