Other contacts of Jarvis Landry, Richard Higgins and Browns close to COVID-19 are expected to return on Thursday; It is likely that White Teller will be a Wednesday

Cleveland, Ohio – Help is on its way to take on the big Browns taking on or nearing death with the Steelers on Sunday at First Energy Stadium.

Coach Kevin Stefansky said on Monday that BJ Goodson’s five high-risk close contacts are expected to return by Thursday if they continue to test negative. Recipients are Jarvis Landry, Richard Higgins, Donovan People-Jones, Jadaryl Hodge and full-back Jacob Phillips.

Without those players and tackle left-wing Gedric Wells Jr., Brown lost 23-16 to the Gates on Sunday in a match that would have snatched the pier for the first time since 2002.

Goodson will be forced out of the Steelers’ game as part of the minimum 10-day quarantine period to test positive for COVID-19.

Stefansky also said he hopes right goalkeeper White Teller will return to the field on Wednesday from a sprained high ankle, and Ronnie Harrison could play (shoulder) this week.

During the match, three players were injured and they are today: full-back Sion Takitaki and Tay Davis with knee injuries and rookie keeper Nick Harris sustained a knee injury.

Stefansky said he does not yet have a timeframe for the return of the wills, who was excluded on Sunday due to illness after being activated from the COVID-19 reserve list as a close contact. Wills’ Test results have been negative so far, which means he should be eligible to play if he continues to do so.

New Browns face masks for sale: Here’s where you can buy Cleveland Browns-inspired face covers to protect against coronavirus for adults and teens, including 1 mask ($ 14.99) and 3-pack ($ 24.99). All proceeds from NFL were donated to the CDC Foundation.

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