Mason Rudolph: Miles Jarrett did not communicate with me in any capacity

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Quarterback Mason Rudolph He will start against the Steelers on Sunday, which means a defensive end for Brown Miles Jarrett He will line up against him throughout the competition.

Jarrett was suspended last year for swinging Rudolph’s helmet in the middle late in Cleveland’s 11th week victory over Pittsburgh. Coaches Kevin Stefansky And the Mike Tomlin They both said this week that the two teams had gotten over the accident, and now Rudolph has done too.

This game is very great “I worry about anything outside that happened in years,” said Rudolph on Friday via ESPN’s Brooke Pryor.

Rudolph made it clear that he was not interested in getting a conclusion about the accident. Garrett accused Rudolph of using elemental swearing as a trigger for helmet swing, which Rudolph vehemently denied.

“He didn’t call me In what capacity“But I have great respect for Miles,” said Rudolph via Kimberly A. Martin of ESPN.

Rudolph added that he was willing to hear Jarrett whether the defensive ending would like to speak up, but other than that he was only interested in how Jarrett would influence the match.

“It’s a danger in the background. It is very annoyingRudolph said. “Obviously, we are well aware of that and treat it with respect.”

Brown will clinch the playground with a victory over the Steelers on Sunday. Rudolph played seven shots in Pittsburgh’s sixth-week victory over Cleveland, so it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lined up behind the center since the accident. But we’ll see if everyone can control their emotions in one of Brown’s biggest matches since his return to the league in 1999.

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