Jaguar meeting with Urban Mayer today

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Urban Meyer is meeting with Jaguars today about their vacant coach position.

No deal is imminent and the team is not finished interviewing other candidates for coaches, according to NFL Network reports.

Meyer has been known since before Doug Marron was fired as a possible head coach of the Jaguar team. Although Meyer has absolutely no NFL experience, he is one of the best college football coaches ever. He won national championships in both Florida and Ohio, and his .853 win rate is the best in major college football for any coach who started his career after World War II.

If Meyer takes over the Jaguars, speculation will instantly turn to what Meyer wants to do with the first public selection in the 2021 NFL draft. Although Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence was widely seen as the obvious first choice, Meyer may be the coach The only one who thinks about Justin Fields in Ohio. Mayer never coached Fields, but Meyer remained close to the Ohio State program and has repeatedly praised Fields not only as a player on the field, but for his leadership and character.

Mayer retired from Ohio two years ago, citing health reasons, but he previously retired from Florida, citing health reasons, and that didn’t stop him from training for a long time. If Meyer thinks he can win in Jacksonville, he shouldn’t surprise anyone if he takes over.

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