Google is adding “Guest Mode” to its smart speakers

Starting today, Google smart speakers such as the Nest Hub and Nest Mini will have a new option called ‘Guest Mode’. When enabled by saying “Hey Google, turn on guest mode”, the speaker will act somewhat like a general Google Assistant terminal and a little less like a personal assistant.

When guest mode is turned on, queries will not be saved to your Google account and some personal data such as your calendar will not be displayed. However, the amplifier will still be able to do the basics like setting timers, answering questions, and playing music.

However, don’t think this works as a way to secure your personal data: turning off guest mode is as simple as asking your speaker to do so. The idea seems to be that if you take guests into your house (which, for now: please don’t do this), they won’t accidentally see your calendar and whatnot.

The feature is not quite as powerful as Chrome’s incognito mode. Even though the interactions have not been saved, the speakers still need to be connected to your account in order for them to continue to have access to all the integrations you have set up with music, smart lights, etc.

In other words, this is not a good solution for Airbnb hosts. Google has it Hospitality mode for its headphones, But it is mainly for hotels.

Upon exiting guest mode, your inquiries will be saved again in your Google account. But as the company announced last August, it does By default, audio recordings are saved Unless you choose to allow it.

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