Dolly Parton Duos with Barry Gibb to recreate the classic B-Jeez “The Words”


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It might be a New Year but Dolly Parton is going old school with her newest single.

Country singer and good will A national treasure She teamed up with Barry Gibb to get a remake of the Bee Gees classic “Words,” a song that was released online Friday from the upcoming album All-Star “Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Volume 1.” The album, released on January 8, is a collection of songs reimagined with a rustic twist.

Parton A. Teaser video On Twitter on Friday, “Kalimat” was first recorded by Jeb and his two late brothers Robin and Morris in 1967, and stated that she was “honored” that “my dear friend” Jeb asked her to join him.

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On New Year’s Day, Jeb added, “I had a lot of fun singing this song together.” Twitter message.

In addition to Parton, Greenfields also includes Gibb’s songs remastered by Jason Isbell (“Words of a Fool”), Little Big Town (“How Deep Is Your Love”), and Olivia Newton-John (“Rest Your Love on Me”) ), Sherrill Crowe (“How Can You Repair a Broken Heart”), Alison Krause (“Too Much Heaven”), Brandi Carlisle (“Run to Me”), Keith Urban (“Got a Message for You”), and Jillian Welch and David Rawlings (“Moth”).

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The album was produced by Dave Cobb, who recently told The Tennesseean that the first day of recording had him bonding Parton and Gibb together in the same room.

“They are both 4 feet away from me as I play the guitar and start walking to where my guitar was and my legs start shaking,” said Cobb. “Just terrifying. Not only are they legends, icons – Dolly has a theme park and Barry Knight. There’s a lot to enjoy.”

Contributing: Matthew Limkuller, Nashville Tennessee

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